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I am an educator 

I am a researcher 

I am globally focused

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I am a Political Scientist who focuses on comparative immigration policy, race/ethnicity and politics, and international relations.

Research Interests

Comparative Politics


International Relations                 

Immigration Policy

European Union

Africa and the Middle East




Human Rights   


Security Studies

Race, Ethnicity, and Politics 


Women's Studies 


Mixed Methods

Integration Policy

I cover a full range of undergraduate and graduate-level courses. As a Professor, I teach various classes spanning the introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels of political science. I am currently teaching two undergraduate courses, Introduction to International Politics and Women in Politics, and one graduate-level course about Mixed Methods. 


Undergraduate Courses

Women in Politics

(Fall 2021)

Introduction to International Politics

(Spring 2020, 2021)

American Public Policy

(Fall 2019, 2020)

US Government

(Fall 2019, 2020) 

Peace and Conflict Studies

(Spring 2019)

Graduate Courses

Mixed Methods

(Spring 2022)



Review of Political Blackness in Multiracial Britain, by Mohan Ambikaipaker. Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics. Spring 2020.  DOI:10.1017/rep.2019.59

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