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Teaching and Advising

I teach courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. I also supervise students on their senior undergraduate thesis and graduate dissertation in a variety of interdisciplinary subjects. This section provides insight into courses I have taught and projects I have supervised over the years. 

Graduate Theses and Dissertations Advised

Jezebel Aponte. (May 2024). “Qualitative and Exploratory Case Study: Assessing Humanitarian Technology Needs in Panama’s Darien Region.” Advisor and Committee Chair.


Rachel Santarsiero. (May 2023). “Living Archives as a Form of Protest for Women in Imider, Morocco.” Advisor and Committee Chair.

Undergraduate Project Advisor

Undergraduate Senior Thesis Advisor


Joseph Horowitz, Adam Lepore, Rebekah Mendoza, Kaleigh Walsh. (May 2024). “Green Infrastructure for Salt Marsh Restoration.” Undergraduate Thesis Co-Advisor with Paul Mathisen.


Jesse Ames, Anna Bauerle, Ethan Lockhart, Christina Tran. (May 2024). Interactive Public Space for Better Mental Health. Undergraduate Thesis Co-Advisor with Soroush Farzin, and Leonard Albano.

Lucas Kamal, Danforth Kenerson, Talia Mamayek, and Max Wojtas. (May 2023).  “Public Housing for Non-Nuclear Families.” Co-Advisor with Soroush Farzin and Leonard Albano.


Catherine Pitelli. (May 2023). “The Impact of Language on US Abortion Legislation.” Co-Advisor with Rebecca Moody.


Rafaello Adler-Abramo. (May 2022). “Climate Resilience and the Needs of People with Disabilities.”

Co-Advisor with Stephen McCauley.


Rosalyn Gates. (May 2022). “Public Policy and School Shootings in the United States.” Co-Advisor with Gbeton Somasse.


Alison de Collard. (December 2021). “An Analysis of Youth Participation in Policy Making." Co-Advisor with John Galante.


Yvonne Niebuhr. (May 2021). "Improving Oral Contraceptives: Encouraging Research into Oral Contraceptives and Their Side Effects." 

Frankie Ann Schripsema, Makayla D’Amore, Adam Klosner (May 2021). "Route 12 & 31 Intersection Design: Fitchburg, Massachusetts." Co-Advisor with Susanne LePage.

Julia R. Noel. "HIV/AIDS in Namibia and Thailand: A Comparative Policy Study."

Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQPs)


An undergraduate degree requirement at WPI is the completion of a social science project, typically undertaken during the junior year and on or off campus. This project carries a credit value equivalent to 3 or 4 courses and is generally completed within the broader field of social science research.


Saeed, Ali. Atlanta Tune: A Student's Dive. (November 2024). Co-Advisor with Lucy Caplan.


Namibia IQP: #TeamGraduate (May 2023)              

Namibia IQP: EduVentures (May 2023)       

Namibia IQP: Men on the Side of the Road (MSR) (May 2023)     

Namibia IQP: Namibia National Olympic Committee (May 2023) 

Namibia IQP: Physically Active Youth (PAY) (May 2023) 

Namibia IQP: University of Namibia, School of Medicine- UNAM (May 2023)

Marble Surface


Undergraduate Courses

International Relations

Migration and Politics

Science, Technology, Policy

Peace and Conflict Studies

Women in Politics

US Public Policy

US Government

Graduate Courses

Research Methods

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